Quality management

From the variety to the product

The system of quality management, developed by the H+H Company, provides control over the whole production chain from seed cropping to the final product, thereby ensuring high quality of the products.

• The selected varieties are produced by our contractual farmers. These hybrids have been specially improved for processing purposes. They provide unity in the taste and consistency of the pickled cabbage and ensure the smallest loss.

• The contractual farmers were chosen in the most suitable agroclimate region of Slovakia. The longtime cooperation with the farmers and the regular inspection of the growth (minimally 3 times during vegetation) provide high quality raw vegetables. The vegetables grown this way have high nutritional value, they are not overfertilized and do not contain chemical residues.

We use HACCP ( HAZARD ANALYSIS OF CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS ) quality management during processing and packaging.


The products produced this way have higher nutritional value and are safer thanks to the quality inspection over the whole chain from the seeds to the final product. Our lactic acid-fermented products in packages, with no additives, have longer storage stability:

Pickled cabbage 60 days and pickled gherkins 31 days.

We are the holders of ISO 9001:2001 quality certificate since 2008.
The implementation of the requirements of the IFS system iss in progress.

The products are made in compliance with the following quality control “OD ODRODY k výrobků”, HACCP, ISO 9001: 2001 FSSC the 22,000th

 In 2012 we received the IFS quality certificate.